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An editorial project I developed as my thesis at Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, proposing the re-edition of an elemental and forgotten text of mexican counterculture. Larga Sinfonía en D was written by mexican writer Margarita Dalton and published for the first and last time in 1968. It is a groundbreaking novel that narrates a journey within a journey: two young men and a woman in London decide to embark on a lysergic acid trip. From this state of alternative consciousness, they will analyze and discover the world around them and themselves.

After more than 50 years Larga Sinfonía en D returns to mexican bookstores, published by Penguin Random House Mexico, using the first digital version originally transcripted by me and re-adapting the cover I created as well. After three year of virtual friendship I finally met Margarita in person in Mexico City, for the book presentation where I participated in a conversation with her and mexican writer Mariángeles Comesaña. You can watch the very long presentation in this video uploaded by my sweet mother to youtube :) and buy the book here.


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